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by Ross Ulbricht

I’m turning 37, my 8th birthday in prison. I guess this means I’m in my late 30s now. Is there any significance to this? Our Earth is in roughly the same position it was when the little creature that would one day become me took his first breath…by screaming and crying. So that’s something. I assume all healthy babies do it that way. For the next year or so, I lived in an egoless bliss so pure I didn’t even form memories. Why bother? No ego to protect or aggrandize. Does that mean babies are enlightened?


by Ross Ulbricht

Centralization of social media networks has led to a host of problems for social media platforms and their users. These include privacy breaches and the impossible task of moderating the content of billions of users.

Below I describe a decentralized social protocol (DSP) that can help solve or mitigate these problems by giving users control over their own content and putting them in charge of value creation and transfer within their networks. This is made possible by allowing users to choose from a multitude of interface providers, content servers and advertisers, rather than a single platform that…

by Ross Ulbricht

Drawing by Ross Ulbricht (2020)

From the light of freedom to a concrete tomb,

The fall was great and swift.

My soul cried out in a mighty boom,

How could it come to this?

Clamped down, trapped stuck,

Paralyzed in a tiny cage.

Had fate left me not a drop of luck?

Was there reason for this rage?

Told to lay down and die,

Something deep inside me stirred.

I can’t be caged I have to fly!

Not yet am I interred.

They can take my body, tie me down,

It matters not a bit.

My spirit still runs wild and free,

So in freedom here I sit.

By Ross Ulbricht

I recently wrote this article about the Maker Protocol. The protocol is an Ethereum application that supports DAI, and DAI is a token that tracks the value of the US dollar. One of the hardships of prison is access to information. It can take weeks or months through the mail to research even a small topic or get a specific piece of data. Something that might take mere minutes with Internet access. So, I published that article without verifying some data, wanting to get it out while the mid-March crisis was still somewhat recent.

I had received…

by Ross Ulbricht

A follow-up to this article is here.

I read the Maker Protocol white paper recently. What a cool concept! The people behind Maker have created a cryptocurrency that tracks the value of the US dollar (a stable coin). You get all the benefits of a cryptocurrency without the crazy price swings. Naturally, it has become very popular, and hundreds of millions of dollars worth have been minted.

I dug further into Maker’s documentation, and read some articles about its recent collateral crisis in March 2020. There is no way I can get a full understanding of the…

by Ross Ulbricht

I read this article recently, and I have an idea for how to solve the problem it presents. The article is about how WhatsApp and other platforms with end-to-end encryption are being used to spread pedophilia. End-to-end encryption is essential for online privacy. Without it, service providers are able to eavesdrop on your communications, see your pictures and piece together your whole life. That might be okay if you could trust them to keep your information private, but they won’t. …

By Ross Ulbricht

I was told there were some questions about my wave labels in BbR #9, notably the intermediate subwaves of waves Ⓑ and Ⓒ of II. If you aren’t an Elliott Wave geek, you can safely skip this. Or, if you want to become an Elliott Wave geek, jump right in!

Taken out of context, wave Ⓑ could look impulsive at first glance. The 3rd wave extension in wave (C) makes wave (C) dominate the whole structure. Wave (C) is an impulse, so the whole thing starts looking impulsive. One could label (A) as (1), (B) as (2)…

by Ross Ulbricht

I was glad to hear that my last post (BbR #9) got everyone thinking and talking about the future price of bitcoins. I have mentioned it before, but I just wanted to clarify why I am doing this series in the first place. As everyone knows, I was one of the first to recognize the potential of Bitcoin. I was a bit preoccupied at the end of wave ③ (I saw a chart of that peak for the first time at my own trial). But later, I saw that wave ④ was over before wave ⑤ had…

By Ross Ulbricht

On December 10, 2019, I wrote the following (see here):

“A drop below the beginning of wave 2 (around $4,200) would invalidate the impulsive count of wave (5) because wave 4 cannot overlap wave 2 ...This would indicate a much greater likelihood that our second scenario is playing out.”

Since then, the price of bitcoins has dropped down to ~$4,000, fulfilling the above requirement. With the bullish count invalidated, the picture is becoming clearer. The cycle-degree bull market — from Bitcoin’s beginning to the ~$20,000 peak of late 2017 — is over. We are now in the…

By Ross Ulbricht

Every time a block is added to the Bitcoin blockchain, the miner who discovered it is rewarded with new bitcoins according to a schedule set up when Bitcoin was first launched. The reward started at 50 bitcoins per block and is cut in half every four years, eventually reaching zero. The next halving is set to occur in May 2020, reducing the reward to 6.25 bitcoins. This has led to speculation about how this event might affect the value of bitcoins.

The reasoning goes that, if the rate (or flow) of new bitcoins being added to the…

Ross Ulbricht

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